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plotbunniesfarm's Journal

Plotbunnies Farm - Your plotbunny adoption agency
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All Members , Moderated
Have you ever gotten a plotbunny that just won't go away? Have you ever wanted to just give it to someone else for them to be infected use? Well, now you can.

Just post them up here and let them run wild. All fandoms, genres and pairings are accepted. Come in and spread the plotbunny love.

There are just a few rules:
1) All long or explicit entries are to be behind a cut. No exceptions.
2) No abuse of the English language. Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation is to be used at all times. This doesn't necessarily mean perfection though, since mistakes happen.
3) No bashing. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone's ideas, then don't say anything.
4) Please tag your bunnies according to fandom. If the tag you want isn't there yet, ask a mod for it. If a fandom has a Japanese and an English name, it will most likely be under the English name.

Icon thanks to love_jackianto