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Why the fuck am I getting this plotbunny?

I got a plotbunny a while back that sat and festered in my brain until earlier today, when a conversation with cassie5squared brought it back to life with a vengeance.

Why am I not on GDocs writing even a small bit of it like I usually do with plotbunnies? Because it's an Eragon fic, and I don't feel like reading the requisite bits of poorly plotted plagiaristic crap canon to get some details right.

Also it's a Death!fic, which could be clashed in the category of character bashing, which I try to avoid even with the characters that I absolutely despise.

Basically the idea is that Eragon and his unimportant bit character followers the Varden, Surdans, Dwarves, Urgals and Elves make it to Urû'baen to slay Galbatorix, Murtagh and their dragons. When they get there they find that the third egg has hatched as well, and its Rider is a young elf. Galbatorix hasn't used any magic to speed up this dragon's growth, as it actually hatched some time before Saphira did, unknown to any of the 'protagonists'.

Galbatorix separates Eragon and Saphira from the others. He explains, in the Ancient Language, that everything Eragon was told was a lie. He tells the truth of what happened over a hundred years ago from his perspective.

He'd lost his first dragon to Urgals, yes. He'd asked for and been denied a second, yes. But he hadn't stolen Shruikan. He'd been wandering, contemplating taking his own life or allowing one of the many bandit groups or roaming armies to take it for him, when he'd encountered a severely injured dragon and rider beset by one of those armies. He'd saved the dragon but was too late to do the same for his rider and so, not wanting to see another dragon die in front of him, he exerted his will on it and kept Shruikan with him.

The collapse of the Riders was not entirely his fault, nor that of his Forsworn. The Riders had been getting arrogant and petty, squabbling amongst themselves and forming factions to back whichever king of the humans they personally preferred. The non-Rider humans were split into many different countries, most of whom were at war with at least one of the others over land and resources and insults. The Elves were already starting to retreat into their hidden places, and only their kind amongst the Riders were ever seen with any regularity at that time.

It was in this chaos that Galbatorix returned to the home of the Riders. His return and the arguments that arose about his actions in saving Shruikan's life, caused the Riders to fight amongst themselves. The Forsworn, a group of Riders who'd come across Galbatorix while he was nursing Shruikan back to health and pledged to protect him should the elder Riders try to harm him, were among the few to live to the end of the ensuing battles through skill, cunning and teamwork. The Riders' fall was hastened and compounded by individuals on both sides of the split seeking to settle old arguments with nominal allies.

Brom didn't know the whole truth of what had happened, only being a rather young Rider at the time. His bias against Galbatorix was mostly due to the fact that Shruikan's first Rider had been his lover, and he couldn't accept that she was dead. Brom carried his version of events to the Elves, and passed it on later to the Varden, Dwarves and Surdans.

Outside the castle the battle is still raging. People don't want to be 'freed' from Galbatorix's rule. Once he took the throne in one country, Galbatorix used his own might and the Forsworn to convince other countries to merge with it, eliminating the wars that had plagued the continent and stabilising the land so people could go back to living peaceful, productive lives. Life was better under Galbatorix, not worse.

Something in me is telling me to write this fic, but I don't want to. Does anyone else out there want it?

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