Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in plotbunniesfarm,
Ansela Jonla

I keep getting this recurring plot bunny that I don't think I can do justice to. Hopefully someone else will be able to give it a good home.

A character, any one from any fandom, is trying to seduce/serenade his love interest. Unfortunately he takes the advice of the fandom prankster and ends up playing either Te Quiero Puta or Ich Will, by Rammstein, to them. Unfortunately, while he doesn't understand the lyrics his partner does (or they're a Rammstein fan who knows the lyric translations), and is not impressed by being called a whore/getting the impression of being stalked.

Slash or het, whatever fandom you like, just someone please take this bunny off my brain.
Tags: general

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