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This idea got stuck in my head, so I'm sharing it. Most of it is worldbuilding...

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy fusion with the Sentinel: Jedi strong in the Living Force are focussed on the moment, drawn to immediate problems - Sentinels. Jedi strong in (the fanon version of) the Unifying Force tend to think of the bigger picture, look at long-term effects and consequences - Guides. Given the Temple's disapproval of attachment, there's a rule against Living Force and Unifying Force being master/padawan; it's officially because you need to be taught by someone whose abilities are like your own, but really it's to lessen the attachment from the training bond.

Dooku was strong in the Unifying Force, and took Qui Gon (strong in the Living Force) as his apprentice because he wanted a student who would best learn swordplay. This led to mild disapproval. Qui Gon reluctantly took Obi-wan (strong in the Unifying Force) as his padawan. This led to stronger disapproval, but Qui Gon was offered a seat on the Council as a token Living Force member - most/all of the Council are Unifying Force. Anakin (Living Force) was found by Qui Gon, who believed that he should be trained strongly enough that he brought him to the Council and offered to train him himself - which hit Obi-wan hard, because he's spent the whole of his apprenticeship hearing that Qui Gon made a mistake deciding to train him and was going to realise it at some point.

Qui Gon died, and spent his last breath insisting that Obi-wan train Anakin. If Obi-wan had been another Living Force user, it would have just emphasised how important Qui Gon felt it was... but because of their stronger bond, it was an order/compulsion that Obi-wan had to obey. He tried to get around it by looking for a Living Force user who'd be willing to train Anakin, but he couldn't - and Anakin accused him of trying to get rid of him, which stirred up the compulsion and drove him into a coma.

Terrified, and desperate to wake him up, Anakin promises to be his padawan. The Council disapproves, and exiles both of them. (The reaction is worse each generation that's Living/Unifying (or Unifying/Living) instead of Living/Living or Unifying/Unifying.)

...And that's as far as I got.
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Why the fuck am I getting this plotbunny?

I got a plotbunny a while back that sat and festered in my brain until earlier today, when a conversation with cassie5squared brought it back to life with a vengeance.

Why am I not on GDocs writing even a small bit of it like I usually do with plotbunnies? Because it's an Eragon fic, and I don't feel like reading the requisite bits of poorly plotted plagiaristic crap canon to get some details right.

Also it's a Death!fic, which could be clashed in the category of character bashing, which I try to avoid even with the characters that I absolutely despise.

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Something in me is telling me to write this fic, but I don't want to. Does anyone else out there want it?

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Harry Potter, of all things

...I'm not even in this fandom, but my sister is and insists on sharing what she finds. After hearing about one particular story, this idea showed up and stayed around, so.

The set-up comes directly from the story she told me about:

*Harry has an accident that sends him back in time and de-ages him.

But I would like to see it happen in the time when Lily is still friends with Snape and thinks that James is an arrogant git.

*Toddler!MostlyAmnesiac!Harry (all he remembers is his first name) appears in the Great Hall during a meal.

*Something about the way he arrives leads Dumbledore to recognise that he's from the future.

*Dumbledore and Lily both recognise where Harry's eye colour comes from, but Lily flatly refuses to accept that his hair comes from James, so she settles on Severus as being his future father since he has black hair and they are pretty close.
*Dumbledore notices who Harry's real father must be, and asks Lily to look after Harry while they work on how to send him back. He hopes that having to care for their child will bring Lily and James together. Lily sabotages this by insisting to Severus that he help her take care of 'their' son. She's very insistent.

*...and I have no idea where the story should go from there.

Anyone else think that could end up as something other than badfic?
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I keep getting this recurring plot bunny that I don't think I can do justice to. Hopefully someone else will be able to give it a good home.

A character, any one from any fandom, is trying to seduce/serenade his love interest. Unfortunately he takes the advice of the fandom prankster and ends up playing either Te Quiero Puta or Ich Will, by Rammstein, to them. Unfortunately, while he doesn't understand the lyrics his partner does (or they're a Rammstein fan who knows the lyric translations), and is not impressed by being called a whore/getting the impression of being stalked.

Slash or het, whatever fandom you like, just someone please take this bunny off my brain.
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Well, hey, I asked for a plotbunny adoption comm, so I suppose I should probably put the plotbunny up, right?

I figure I'll just copypaste my rant here XD

"As awesome as a story where, say, Warrick Brown (CSI - post season 8-ish) becomes a sort of dead-man-walking vigilante protecting humanity from the creatures of the night (and solving a few crimes whilst he's at it)* could possibly be... you seriously need to work out the flaws in the plan first, only one of which is that CSI is not now, nor has it ever been, a supernatural kind of show, being set in the real world."

Someone suggested making it an Angel crossover; that's up to you. =3

My Plotbunnies for Supernatural

I've had some fic ideas in my head (some for years) that I can't get out on paper. I'd love it if someone took them. Here's only a few, for Supernatural.

1) Post "Everybody Loves a Clown", Sam finds his brother's necklace on Dean's bed. Sam is convinced that Dean hates him and doesn't love him anymore.

2) Post "Metamorphosis", Sam tries to kill himself because of what happened in the four months that Dean was dead and Dean's reaction to his powers. Dean talks to his brother. 

3) General season four - Sam is diagnosed with clinical depression.